Cards: Fragmented Fictions

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Researcher: Jeremy Douglass

One of the key tropes of contemporary thought is the fragmentary nature of our culture, art, and theory.

This course investigates narrative divided into discrete units - cards. Aread of investigation include:

- the Tarot tradition of narrative fortune-telling cards
- a story shuffled and dealt as a deck of cards (Coover's "Heart Suit")
- a narrative of a lost city, whose ephemera and map are encoded on the front and back of a card deck (Wright's "In Search of Oldton")
- a novel metaphorically organized into a maniscript of index cards (Nabokov's "Pale Fire")
- collaborative storytelling cardgames ("Once Upon A Time")
- card-based Alternate Reality Games / ARGs ("PerplexCity")
- books organized as individual pages ("Choose Your Own Adventure" and gamebooks)

The course builds towards an exploration of computer based hypercard, hypertext, and new media artworks that invoke the metaphor of the card even while moving beyond it.