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(dis)junctions 2005: theory reloaded was University of California, Riverside’s Twelfth Annual Humanities Conference.
Mark Marino helped organize a set of panels related to the global_interface Mellon Workshops, and I attended to give my paper on the critical approach of “Implied Code” - if only Christy Dena had been there we’d have had the all three letters […]

Game BotMasters

After discussing the birth of a Bot-God I am drawn back to the beginning of all creation with the birth of a bot-baby. Eccky is the brainchild of entertainment company Media Republic. As I’ve spoken about before MR have produced webisode drama Jong-Zuid and Real Axe Babes.
Eccky is a whole other level […]

Words Made Of Books

A friend sent me to this amaztype site by Keita Kitamura and Yugo Nakamura. The site will build a word out of book jackets of texts that use that word in their titles. This strikes me as an artful way to
all of those unsold books. Unlike ASCII Art, the basic depictive […]

Sims Playing Sims 1

In an article “Sims 2: Face Lift of the Original” (Sep. 23, 2004) by Lore Sj?berg, Wired Magazine published a screenshot in which a Sims character sits at a computer, playing a computer game… “The Sims.”
While this meme circulated shortly after the release of The Sims, again with Slice City, and finally with The Sims […]

A recent episode of Dinosaur Comics wittily mocks tell-not-show writing styles, with main character T-Rex reformatting his poorly written story as a CYOA “if that is the format I have to use to tell my readers that they’re scared!”
CYOA is not the only format for instructing one’s readers on how to feel, of course. […]

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