Finding the Method

Dirk Scheuring, co-founder of, has started a blog, Robot Soul, that among other things discusses ‘whether the tools and exercises that human actors and directors have derived from…[Method Acting]…can help us today in creating actors that are non-human - virtual actors.’ Scheuring takes the view ‘that computer languages, robot ethics, method acting, and biomechanics are the main ingredients that fused, in the 1950s, to become the cultural meme we call Artificial Intelligence, or AI for short’.

I studied the Meisner technique for a short while when I was an actor. At the same time I was inspired to write many passages for my novel about the peeling back of automatic responses to reach some core of authenticity. I too saw the correlation between bots and the Method but I’ve applied it in a different way than Scheuring. Scheuring’s approach is courageous and on-the-ball.

I’ve added Robot Soul to our Blog roll so everyone can have a gander and post directly to Dirk, but you can also do a search for Dirk. Over the years Dirk has contributed to the Alicebot lists and many other places and so there is a rich source of informaton about Dirk’s investigation out there. Congrats Dirk! I look foward to hearing more about your project.

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