New Media as Business

The New York Times is launching additions to its Business Day section on Monday May 16th. The press release details how it will include new media:

On Mondays, Business Day will focus on media and marketing news, with technology included as it relates to those industries. David Carr will write a column on new media; the world of blogs will be covered as a regular feature.

NYT already covers alot of non-mainstream, innovative and unique works (compared to papers in Australia). What will be interesting is how new media and blogs will be covered in the business section. Will we see an emerging business discourse around new media works outside of the usual tech equipment and corporate takeover news?

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  1. 1 Jeremy Douglass

    Interesting! My thought is that placing the coverage of blogs in the business section (as opposed to, say Arts and Entertainment) makes sense given the current discourse around bloggers as whistle-blowers, as industry insiders for after-hours gossip, as pundits, message distributors, interested parties - that is, agents, “Smart Mobs” style.

    I’m perhaps more interested in the kind of blogging that would be covered in A&E - livejournal quiz memes, postmark collection, hoaxes, blog-fiction events - but it seems to be very much of the historical moment that the biggest questions of blogging covered in the news are “are bloggers journalists?” and “can corporations make money off blogging?”

    So, business section it is. We’ll talk about bloggers primarily as rational actors in an economic world, not as language artists. Hrm. Of course, thinking about rational, text-generating agents has a certain bot-like ring….

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