WRT Migrated to WordPress

WRT: Writer Response Theory has migrated to WordPress.

While our shortest URI is still writerresponsetheory.org, our hosting URL has changed from:




All contents and users have been migrated, and things should continue apace.

In the past 6 months Christy, Mark and I have really enjoyed b2evolution, a less trendy but more capable cousin of WordPress, which we chose for multiblog support and the sophisticated management of topic taxonomies. We will undoubtedly miss some of the features while in WordPress. Working with b2evolution allowed us to make the jump into a group blog with a guarantee of both integration and relative autonomy for each participant. We work so well together however that it turns out robust multiblogging is no longer a priority - instead, we now need the streamlined use and supportive plugin community that WordPress offers to make life easy.

Our b2evolution has been phased out in favor of forwarding to the new homepage. The interface is dead - long live the interface!

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  1. 1 Barry Kaplan


    I am looking to contact you to connect with somone who has knowlege of the “Gold Bug” QR project.

    Apprecioate any help.

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