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QR Code Blog is a blog whose text is both about and published as QR Code - a 2d barcode format which is becoming quite popular with the new generation of Japanese cameraphones. Like ROT13 (a simple letter substitution scheme which encodes “secrets” as “frpergf”) the effect on the blog isn’t so much encryption […]

WRT: Writer Response Theory has migrated to WordPress.
While our shortest URI is still, our hosting URL has changed from:
All contents and users have been migrated, and things should continue apace.
In the past 6 months Christy, Mark and I have really enjoyed b2evolution, a less trendy but more capable cousin of WordPress, which we chose […]

Lisa Nakamura is credited as being one of the first critics to engage in discussions of race online. She talks about “cybertypes,” which are online “stereotypes” defined as “new formulations of machine-linked idenity” (4). This is her term for (non-voluntarist) racial formation on the internet: in other words, the ways in which […]

Like image-primary art, we can categorize text-primary art by features: static or moving? passive or interactive?
Yet one of the most important aesthetic aspects of text art is not whether or not it is animated, but whether the font is fixed-distance or proportional. Works with similar font-systems may have more in common with each other […]

I went to an interesting talk last month: Cultural Theory and User-centered Design. The presenter, Christine Satchell, is a PhD candidate at RMIT, Australia and works as a user-tester. Satchell was, is, investigating how young people use technology and found herself wanting to extend the systems commonly used. Systems such as Alan Cooper’s User-Centered Design […]

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