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The New York Times is launching additions to its Business Day section on Monday May 16th. The press release details how it will include new media:
On Mondays, Business Day will focus on media and marketing news, with technology included as it relates to those industries. David Carr will write a column on new media; the […]

Finding the Method

Dirk Scheuring, co-founder of, has started a blog, Robot Soul, that among other things discusses ‘whether the tools and exercises that human actors and directors have derived from…[Method Acting]…can help us today in creating actors that are non-human - virtual actors.’ Scheuring takes the view ‘that computer languages, robot ethics, method acting, and biomechanics […]

Calling all GameBots

Christy has already posted on games that contextualize botmaking, but now I would like to cast the net more broadly.
What games out there include chatbots or chat interaction in them? Let’s build a list. (We may also want to sort out menu-driven chat from free-input, which is more akin to chatbots.)

Opus hates eliterature

In this Sunday’s paper, the new, bizarre reincarnation of Opus decided to return to his Banana Jr. technology satire, to rehash the most frequently hashed argument against ebooks: “Book lovers never go to bed alone.”
In other words, you can’t take a book to bed.
I’m not sure why Opus goes into hysterics, retreating to his […]

This time of year sees the migration of the Tasmanian Shy Albatrosses (TSAs). A bird that flies the huge distance from Australia to South Africa: 6,000 miles. The Albatross has to face the following hurdles:
Bass Straight (first expanse of water), Great Australian Bight (Great White Sharks), the Roaring Forties (hypothermia and storms) the vast expanse […]

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