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WRT Goes Mobile

Well, it had to be done. WRT is now available in a mobile- and PDA-friendly format. It can be viewed on any web-enabled mobile phone or PDA running a WML v1.x, xHTML Mobile Profile(WML v2.0) or i-mode compatible HTML (cHTML) browser. So now, wherever you are you can keep up-to-date with the […]

Forms of Electronic Texts

I’ve been procrastinating/conducting interdisciplinary research by looking around at Text-Analysis sites like TADA and TAPoR. Text-Analysis is a field of inquiry that deals with computer-assisted text-analysis. It has a history in ‘concordance’, as developed by Hugh of St. Cher in the 13th century. Concordance was a kind of indexing of themes in the […]

Mark Bernstein used my series on frustration in interactive media as the occasion for his comment, so I’m trying to catch this wave of interest passing through Grand Text Auto.
Mark Bernstein was generous about my post, and I appreciate his attention, however I think he may have misunderstood me in the process of making his […]

Summertime Play on the Lady and the Tiger.

Recently I came across “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Video Games.” It was about First Person Shooters (rather than video games generally), but it was a fun read - I’m looking forward to the Part II. It also got me thinking:
What are the “all I need to know” lessons […]

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