Caught in the Headlights

Bunny girl with big eyes I’m staring at the headlights, those big white eyes that just get bigger and bigger and…

It all began on May 28th, this year, when I innocently stepped onto the cyberhighway with a little lad called Jamie Kane holding my hand. Jamie and I were immersed in a conversation that last a few days, and then another joined in a few months after. Besides that, we’ve just stood in the middle of the cyberhighway, being visited by others now and then.

But then I heard a rumbling, I turned, and met two white eyes. I was locked in the gaze of these eyes for a while, for I was flattered by their attention, but then I realised it wasn’t me they were looking at, but the little lad by my side: Jamie Kane. Others started shouting from the sides of the road. I couldn’t make out the detail of what they’re saying, I did hear Jamie’s name and Jamie’s Dad mentioned though. Then suddenly I realised I had another holding my hand.

I now realise that I’m the kid, holding the hand of the Jamie and the other. I’m going to keep holding their hands though, so I can keep staring at those big white eyes…that seem to be getting bigger and bigger and…

2 Responses to “Caught in the Headlights”

  1. 1 Jeremy Douglass

    The thing I enjoy about the concept of this article is that, like Jamie Kane, it invites you to decode the real experience from the description…

    The one thing that doesn’t work about the metaphor, though…

    *** SPOILER ALERT ***

    …is that while you were cited in the wikipedia article, you weren’t named / directly implicated in the viral marketing kerfuffle, to my knowledge. Not that there couldn’t be splash-damage to your reputation from Jamie getting run down on the cyberhighway, just that you aren’t (I hope) standing in the fast lane….

  2. 2 Christy Dena

    Yes, I had fun with the layers of reading. This isn’t scriptons & textons, it is…words and terms fail me now. Any ideas?

    And yes, it should be clear that I did not play any intentional role in the viral marketing accusation that has been aimed at the BBC. However, I am involved, unintentionally, by being pull invoked — I perceive — to help make the entry a genuine one.

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