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Sascha Pohflepp’s Eavesdripping uses falling drops to write on water - turning a rain puddle into a pixelated lite-brite screen or, alternately, turning rain into a dot-matrix printer.
The concept of “controllable artificial rain” takes the impact of a drop of water on a puddle as its pixel, and builds up a technology to order and […]

Down the Rabbit-hole indeed

I’ve spoken about ARGs many times, and I’ve thought about having a TV series involved in an ARG, but now a group of producers are creating THE ‘alternate reality’ mix: a reality TV show about creating an ARG. Project Game Light will be launched in 2006. Here is the description:
Project Game Light : The […]

I participated in the ‘group-read’ of the email story: Daughters of Freya. The ‘group read’ means that everyone starts receiving the emails at the same time, and discusses the work in a forum. The email story is delivered via email (just to be clear) over a period of 3 weeks. Not much effort there, you’d […]

The recent public release of the source code to the Quake III game engine has me thinking about modding - specifically, a setup in which 3d game levels are used as environments for reading text written on the walls. This is the seed of the idea for a project called TextQuake.
But before this lazyweb […]

I’m staring at the headlights, those big white eyes that just get bigger and bigger and…
It all began on May 28th, this year, when I innocently stepped onto the cyberhighway with a little lad called Jamie Kane holding my hand. Jamie and I were immersed in a conversation that last a few days, and […]

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