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In a previous post I introduced you to William Morris. This post is the real reason for his introuduction: how he developed the ‘beautiful book’. To do this Morris founded the Kelmscott Press, probably the most famous in the world in terms of attention to detail and standards rarely seen since. The Kelmscott […]

“A Gamers’ Manifesto: 20 things gamers want from the seventh generation of game consoles” isn’t exactly a public declaration of principles - it is more of a humorous wishlist wrapped around a lengthy enumeration of grievances. Funny, funny grievances.
The manifesto is primarily written from the point of view of 3d-physics gameworlds for first person […]

Chatbot Survey

A survey for chatbot users and botmasters.

Digital Poetry Festival

E-POETRY 2005: AN INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL POETRY FESTIVAL London Wednesday, 28 September - Saturday, 1 October 2005.
Hosted by the Contemporary Poetics Research Centre (CPRC), Birkbeck College, London & supported by the Electronic Poetry Center (EPC), Department of Media Study & Poetics Program, State University of New York
E-Poetry 2005 is both a conference and festival, dedicated […]

Earlier we posted on Ink: a multiplayer online writing game. Ink is being collaboratively developed by Kym Buchanan and David Sheridan with the support of the Michigan State University Writing Center and the Writing In Digital Environments (WIDE) Research Center.
WRT interviewed designer Kym Buchanan about Ink:
WRT: Is Ink primarily oriented towards fictional or non-fictional […]

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