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If you want to venture into online gaming, you can still check out Anarchy Online for free. Funcom is extending its offer of free download and free basic play up until at least Jan 2007 because it has signed up more in-game advertising. Massive Inc. will be supplying audio and video advertisements for Panasonic and UK television station Channel 4, that will run unobtrusively on in-game billboards and plasma screens. The ads only run is particular areas so they do not “do not interfere with game play, functionality or bandwidth.”

I wonder how long it will take for the ads to become intrusive? And what factors will influence it?


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  1. 1 Corvus

    To be honest, I already find the ads intrusive and I’ve only read about them. *nirg*

  2. 2 Christy Dena

    Nike have now signed a big deal with Take-Two Interactive, to insert brands into the upcoming NBA 2K6 game.

    Yes, the thought of advertising in a game sounds terrible. It has helped finance bringing alot of people into the game apparently, which is good. There is a trend in electronic advertising that offers ‘on-request’ ads where a consumer/gamer/user can receive ‘free’ stuff in exchange for watching an ad. At present that doesn’t worry me — I have a fully functioning ‘ignore’ switch in my head — and I am thrilled when I’m pleasantly surprised by an entertaining ad.

  3. 3 Scott Allen

    We have both a free account and a paid account in our household. The paid accounts still see billboards in-game, just in-game themed stuff — clan and omni PSAs, various weapon manufacturers. Frankly, I’d just as soon see an ad for the Underworld sequel. The real ads are better done than the others.

    So no, they’re not intrusive. Cool idea that I’d love to see catch on in other games. I might check out a few more.

  4. 4 Christy Dena

    Good and interesting point Scott. And great website you’ve got BTW.

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