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Are Fantasy Sports a type of Interactive Storytelling? The answer may be stranger than you think.

Meta Blog Art

Christy’s previous post on Linkoln and Olsen’s new Blog Art project (in particular, the question of whether or not it was the first blog exhibition of blog art) got me thinking about the function of ‘meta’ relationships in blog-art.
How do we describe examples of blog-art (art made with blogs), and what if anything is […]

Earlier we posted on Flickr light-writing art and the experiments Ken Wronkiewicz in generating photographs using software-controlled LEDs.
WRT interviewed artist Ken Wronkiewicz about his work:
WRT: What first sparked your interest in light-writing?
KW: I have been a bookworm since a very early age and designed my first typeface at least a decade ago, so you could […]

One of the clearest hallmarks of contemporary interactive fiction design is a focus on experimental point of view. Often, the exquisitely unique mental situation of the protagonist (rather than a series of external conflicts) is the main subject of these works of IF.
I’m thinking here of the crumbling denial of Andrew Plotkin’s Shade or the […]


Light Writings is group for creating and sharing photographs with one thing in common - glowing text hanging in space. One of many communities hosted by the Flickr photosharing webservice, Light Writings has simple rules for what goes in and what stays out:
Post your pictures of TEXT ONLY light writings here. And if you have […]

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