Interactive Narrative Reader

A collection of 22 articles, brought out by sagas writing interactive fiction and sagasnet, looks like an excellent resource for researchers, practitioners, lecturers and commissioners of interactive content. Developing Interactive Narrative Content covers a range of arts types & concerns.

[T]he reader explores the expanding field of interactive media itself by covering iTV, interactive film, games, mobile applications, installations, etc. and by gathering interactive theory essays, descriptions of experimental applications, articles on legal issues or teaching methods for interactive film.

Contents include:

# Ernest Adams: Design Considerations for Interactive Storytellers

# Richard Adams: Behaviour, Intelligence and Invisibility and its Effect on Narrative

# Frank Boyd: The Perfect Pitch

# Matt Costello: The Big Question& about all those horrible, terrible videogames

# Noah Falstein: Natural Funativity

# Steve Dixon, Magnus Helander and Lars Erik Holmquist: Objective Memory: An Experiment in Tangible Narrative

# Christopher Hales: Interactive Filmmaking: An Educational Experience

# Michael Joyce: Interactive Planes: Toward Post-Hypertextual New Media

# Sibylle Kurz: The Art of Pitching

# Craig A. Lindley: Story and Narrative Structures in Computer Games

# Michael Nitsche: Film Live: An Excursion into Machinima

# Teijo Pellinen: Akvaario: you are not alone at night

# Bas Raijmakers and Yanna Vogiazou: CitiTag: Designing for the Emergence of Spontaneous Social Play in a Mixed Reality Game

# Greg Roach: Granularity, Verbs and Media Types in Interactive Narratives and Narrative Games

# Volker Reimann: Authoring Mobile Mixed Reality Applications

# Vincent Scheurer: Adapting Existing Works for Use in Games

# Jochen Schmidt: Behind the Scenes Before the Screens Interactive Audience Participation in Digital Cinemas

# Tom S?lund: Proximity Gaming - New Forms of Wireless Network Gaming

# Stale Stenslie: Symbiotic Interactivity in Multisensory Environments

# Maureen Thomas: Playing with Chance and Choice Orality, Narrativity and Cinematic Media: Vala s Runecast

# Christian Ziegler: 66 movingimages - Interaction in Filmic Space

# Eric Zimmerman: Narrative, Interactivity, Play, and Games: Four naughty concepts in need of discipline

5 Responses to “Interactive Narrative Reader”

  1. 1 Mark Marino

    Wow, a new article by Michael Joyce alone would be well worth the wait. I wonder if it discusses his work with Alexandra Grant?

  2. 2 Jeremy Douglass

    Signed, sealed, delivered - its mine!… except that their store website seems to be down. Did anyone else successfully order it yet?

    I’m not sure which is more enjoyable - reading the people whose work you already know, or discovering the people you never heard of before….

  3. 3 Christy Dena

    I haven’t ordered it yet, but will v. soon…if it lets me!

  4. 4 Jeremy Douglass

    The order form is working again, so I ordered it. 40 euros flat, price includes unspecified international shipping methods. No idea when it will get here, but I’ll give you some impressions whenever it arrives.

  5. 5 Jeremy Douglass

    It arrived. Loaded with cool stuff, and quite attractively designed to boot. Looks like I won’t have time to really go through this for a while though, as it is HUGE… maybe I’ll bring it with me on the plane to DAC.

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