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One of the most literary projects I’ve seen with web-API generation is this one-off Flickr mosaic, “Tyger” on Flickr. Created by software artist Jim Bumgardner (“My best work on Flickr is produced by software, rather than cameras”), the work reprints the text of William Blake’s poem “The Tyger” using letters drawn from the Flickr: One […]

i.plot offers semantic web as storytelling software

Move 36

Recently I talked about the idea of biowriting and the interesting category of DNA bioart. Here is one example of digital DNA biowriting in practice.

One of the central issues of representation in DNA biowriting is transcoding the alphabet into DNA. In digital DNA biowriting, this means transcoding ASCII or Unicode into the nucleotides adenine, cytosine, […]

Bots, Demons & Dolls

‘Socrates had a bot.’ Well, what Andrew Leonard then goes on to say in his book Bots: The Origin of New Species, is that Socrates had a nonhuman companion: a daemon. Leonard’s book gives an alternate (from my perspective) view of the history of bots. His book, which I only just discovered a few months […]

This month on ??? empyre ??? (an email discussion list):
Writing is one of the oldest known technologies, but the concept of writing did not change as substantially as the different forms of text mediation have done, throughout the years. Nevertheless, the invention of press and, most recently, of the computer, altered important
operations related to how […]

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