RL Metadata!

\"Zealous\" by Bea Correa After Jeremy’s great idea about tag poetry, is a project where tagging has been (re)brought into RL! The Physical Metadata Project by Mediamatic has people attaching real tags to objects, with descriptions, taking a photo and uploading them to Flickr, where they are tagged once again (to keep them into an organised group — which is a neat way of keeping your pics together: choosing keywords that no-one else uses). Neat project. Isn’t metadata how we judge people and store our memories anyway?

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  1. 1 Jeremy Douglass

    Thanks Christy - your post puts me in mind of something else we haven’t seen yet: RFID Poetry.

    By which of course I mean not so much poems about RFID as
    poetry made of RFID tags (which isn’t exactly what Axel Vogelsang of Smartlab London is doing, but it sure is right in that ballpark).

    I tell people about RFID tags all the time, generally either “Walmart! Privacy! Bad!” or “Locative everything!

    I wonder if the sensing tabletop interface is going to become as widespread as SMS enabled art projects. I’d love to see physical interfaces to combinatoric generators - not refridgerator magnets, but tag poetry, materialized….

  2. 2 Christy Dena

    Yes! I really like the idea of RFID tag poetry too! As soon as we have barcode scanners in our phones, they’ll be the opportunity for some fun locative barcode art I’m sure.

  3. 3 Jeremy Douglass

    I’ve been following Northwest Airlines’ ad campaign in Tokyo for a few weeks - many Japanese phones have QR Code readers in them, and potential customers have to take a picture of the billboard in order to decipher the message - at which point they have the ad stored on their phone. Interesting way of using the interactivity / puzzle model to push advertising - it seems like it would work even better for urban artists and activists interested in doing sticker campaigns etc. In fact, the convergence might be interesting - if WalMart put QR posters up all along broadway, and you covered replaced them with identical-seeming posters whose new codes contained activist messages, how long would it take the advertiser to find out? They don’t appear outwardly defaced, and continue to “push” the new message to customers….

    Wall Street Journal article and other QR code information at mindfully.

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