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RL Metadata!

After Jeremy’s great idea about tag poetry, is a project where tagging has been (re)brought into RL! The Physical Metadata Project by Mediamatic has people attaching real tags to objects, with descriptions, taking a photo and uploading them to Flickr, where they are tagged once again (to keep them into an organised group — […]

The New Media Consortium Online Conference on Educational Gaming is being held on December 7-8, 2005. The conference is held live and online with presentations ‘ondemand’.
The conference is designed to continue the very engaging and rich dialogs begun at the recent NMC Regional Conference at Yale with a broader audience, and further explore how […]

Chinese mobile service providers are boosting SMS revenue by sending greetings and aphorisms to their customers in the hopes they will pay to forward them along.
A sample message (via Reuters):
A kettle of old wine is soft and fragrant, mellow and rich;
A verse of old song brims with feeling and longing;
A harvest moon is long in […]

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