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Here is a list of places that offer (mostly) free data for you to add knowledge to your bot. This can be done through a live feed and or in most cases by downloading the files for extraction from a database. I personally have not utilised these as yet but can see the benefits for particular applications. I’m not for the attempt to create a bot that knows everything, just to be able to know some things…and these databases are a whole lot quicker than entering every possible fact!

British National Corpus
CIA World Factbook + Factbook on Intelligence
Linguistic Data Consortium
MIT’s Open Mind Commonsense
Moby Lexicon Project
Open Mind
Open Mind [Concept Net]
The Consortium for Lexical Research
Thought Treasure
John Bateman’s Generation Bank
John Bateman’s KOMET-Penman Multilingual Linguistic Resource Development Environment (KPML)
WordNet [alphabetic version]
WordNet 2.0 in MySQL

I’m interested in others that people recommend, as well as comments on ones they have used.

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  1. 1 Jeremy Douglass

    This is a great resource, Christy. I first encountered Thought Treasure in 1997, although at the time I didn’t realize there were earlier applications (such as Cyc). A lot of interesting (and interrelated) projects are coming out of MIT.

    Has anyone had practical experience interfacing one of these systems with a bot setup such as A.L.I.C.E./Pandorabots etc.? It seems to me that either harvesting information from these systems or else building a bridge between them and a bot is always a project in and of itself. For example I’ve heard of CyN:

    Project CyN is the merger of a AIML interpreter used to develop chat bots with the OpenCyc inference engine. This unique tool allows the product of one of the largest, continuous AI projects to be accessed by one of the largest chat bot development community. Basically Cyc + Program N = CyN.

    One of the first questions that interested programmers want to know about OpenCyc is what kind of natural language interface is there and can they talk with it. And one of the things that interested programmers who learn AIML ask is how to make their chat bots appear smarter. CyN tries to address the desires of both communities.

    In a quick search, I also found one research paper on A.L.I.C.E. + CommonSense.

    Does anyone know of any similar initiatives as an alternative to by-hand database harvesting?

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