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I love Google Earth, for what it could do, and I love maps, for what they do. Using technology and location representations as well as RL locations is big. Location, location, location. Whether it is virtual or real, you have to at least contextualise yourself according to some real or virtual grid. Here is a round-up of […]

In quantum physics, there is the idea of alternate and contending realities. The famous hypothetical?of Schrodinger’s Cat (see also this wonderful animation by Adam Duncan of this problem being contemplated by robots) explores the idea : imagine a cat in a box. Is the cat alive or dead? Quantum physics says that both possiblities exist, […]

What can we learn from Curious George?
(By no means do I mean to make a monkey out of one of the forefathers of eliterary criticism and a mentor of mine, a man who worked harder than most to firmly plant hypertext in a literary and academic arboretum.  If anything, this post swings between homage and lament).


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