Today is the last day to vote on the 2006-2007 Rhizome Net Art Commissions. Current members are eligible - and Rhizome needs your participation!

Participate at the voting page - the current stage, “approval voting“. You will be presented sets of randomly selected applications from ~200 applicants, and give each a Yes or No vote. Participate as much or as little as you like. Not only is this a quick way to help shape the finalist pool, a few minutes of voting really gives a strong sense of some of the interesting projects of bodies of ongoing work out there - and there are many more interesting projects than there will be commissions to fund them.

After community voting ends, the 25 or more proposals receiving the highest percentage of Yes votes will be vetted by a committee of jurors, including ELauren Cornell, Regine Debatty, Olia Lialina, Eduardo Navas, and Marisa S. Olson. The 2006-2007 Net Art Commissions will award between eight and eleven new net art projects with commissions from $900 to $3,000.

WRT has commission application this year, (pictured here), based in part on our earlier posts on QR code art and ASCII art. If you encounter it and enjoy it during the course of your voting, please give us your support! If you aren’t voting, you may still be interested in some of our development docs.

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