Not CYOA, its PYOP now

Inspired by radio plays and CYOA, Jim Munroe, a prolific artist of many media, has created a “pick-your-own-podventure”. Episode 1 of “The Letter” is available for download at his site and through iTunes. You can only traverse the episodes with the mp3 downloads, or through your iPod. The mystery/fictionality play alot of fun, and once again reminded me of how we keep going back and remediating just about every media and entertainment type that has ever been. I think everyone knows now that media never dies, but the level of awareness every generation seems to have about previous media and entertainment forms is fascinating. We’re getting more and more information, greater complexity. I’ve often through this about academia, a person studying 20 years ago had alot less reading to do! But I guess I’m multi-tasking more now so I make up for it. Anyway, enjoy the PYOP, its very CYOA.

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  1. 1 Mark Marino

    Very cool, Christy. Certainly even media forms we thought were disposable have lived on, but don’t you get the sense that at the same time we do an awful lot of forgetting about what we already know. Toby Miller is always reminding me that our media analysis tends to look either at originary or contemporary moments but have great blind spots for everything in between. So while we might know about the Illiad, the Internet and CYOA, we might forget about the history of the development of the telegraph. Vincent Mosco has made this argument in The Digital Sublime: Myth, Power, and Cyberspace (MIT Press, 2004).

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