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Some colleagues at U. California Santa Barbara are hosting a conference on Baudrillard that might interest WRT readers as it connects new media to broader philosophical and cultural issues. The deadline for 250 word abstracts is Feb 4th, the conference is April 18-19, 2008. Here is an excerpt from the call:

The Succession of Simulacra: The Legacy of Jean Baudrillard (1929-2007)

Many of Baudrillard’s terms and concepts, “hyperrality,” “simulacra,” “alibi” and “the code” continue to proliferate in not only theoretical, but popular texts as well. Whether or not we accept their validity, how can we apply, transform, refigure, critique and salvage these ideas? What has his work fostered in the different modes of critical theory: social scientific, cultural, literary, technological, popular, communication and new media theory?

For the full CFP, see

Posting a CFP on WRT is rare, at least from me. Generally speaking, my approach in the first few years was to avoid news-blogging and reposting, and instead focus only on posts that involved substantive discussion of a particular piece or issue. As I stretch my blogging muscles and warm up to returning to WRT, I’m not sure whether or not this will change. Certainly, there are other sites which are more reliable sources of news (and I don’t want the job). Certainly, I would prefer not to read the same CFP 3-5 times in my various feeds, and I don’t want to be part of that problem. Still, I may be experimenting with some shorter formats and different styles as I get back into the swing of things.

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