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[More liveblogging from ELO Visionary Landscapes]
In the following slides from my presentation at ELO Visionary Landscapes, I offer several provocations for the future of the Electronic Literature Organization — about what we value in elit, what the ELO should be in its conferences, and how we can analyze elit works as information systems.
This presentation is […]

[Blogging from the ELO event, Visionary Landscapes]
“Provocation by Program”
Imagining a Next-Revolution ELIZA
Nick Montfort and Andrew Stern
(This is an unusual post. I’m using a very different blog voice with a very different goal in mind. I am writing this blog post as a set of notes framed as a dialogue with all the […]

Wednesday, May 21st, from 12:30-5:00pm, the Software Studies Initiative at UC San Diego invites you to attend a public event:
SoftWhere: Software Studies Workshop 2008
Time: Wed. May 21 - Thu. May 22
Wed. May 21: UCSD Faculty Club, Atkinson Pavilion (public)
  Thu. May 22: Atkinson Hall 5302 (private)
Related: Affiliated HASTAC II Conference, UC Irvine, […]

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