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Online writers have something that previous writers did not have instant access to, powerful reading data from analytics. While in the case of “a show of hands,” I found the analytics to be both instructive and depressing (since you can see how far registered users had clicked through), in the case of “Living Will” […]

afternoon’s Legacy

I was reading Steven B. Johnson’s Wired Magazine post “Why No One Clicked on the Great Hypertext Story” about the failed hype of hypertext today and just had to respond, partly because the magazine did not allow comments, a feature I’ve come to expect from online reading), partly because, well, I was there.
As I Tweeted […]

One of the original members of WRT, Christy Dena, has come out with a unique iPad experience entitled, Authentic in All Caps. (Just under a week to help with the funding.)
At WRT, we’ve had lots of conversations about using the Internet as a kind of palette. But Christy and her collaborators have taken […]

Join us for an evening of electronic literature and digital poetry!
E-lit Under the Stars (USC)
E-Lit Under the Stars
February 28: 7-9pm USC
Doors open at 6:30
Amaranth Borsuk
Samantha Gorman * Danny Cannizzaro
Roberto Leni
Erik Loyer
Mark C. Marino
Adam Sulzdorf-Liszkiewicz
Jody Zellen
Venue: Outdoors under the stars at the Institute for Multimedia Literacy, 746 West Adams Blvd., LA, CA 90089
University of Southern California.
Organized […]

[Update 1/27: Link to the unabridged Tempspence tweets]
From Jan 1- Jan 26th, @spencerpratt’s Twitter account written by an unknown British poet who had found Spencer’s phone. Turns out he was the main character in a new netprov that Rob and I collaborated on. Through the fictional tale of this obscure poet broadcasting from a […]

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