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One of the occasional topics at WRT is the way in which digital environments are impacting the writing classroom. In an upcoming webinar, several scholars will be proposing a reconceptualization of composition as an Information Art.

Webinar: Teaching Writing as an Information Art
a webinar roundtable discussion
Feb. 28, 9am PST/12pm EST
50 minutes. Cost: FREE
Online or on […]

This summer Mira Zimet of USC’s College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences asked me to explain electronic literature in 60 seconds. Here was my answer (in a minute and a half).
Featured in the video (in order):
Jason Nelson’s Sydney’s Siberia, Kate Pullinger’s Inanimate Alice, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries’ Nippon, and Michael Mateas […]

Application deadlines for Digital Arts and Culture (DAC) 2009 are coming up!

Paper proposals to tracks (such as the Software / Platform Studies Track) are due by May 1.
Proposals for VaRiEtY Night presentations and Electronic Literary Arts Performances are due by May 15th.

Check the DAC 2009 call for details on all tracks, presentations and performances, and […]

[This continues the experiment of live blogging conferences, although here I will present some documentation of a workshop and open up this post as a conversation space for those who are attending the conference and far beyond. ACM Hypertext 2008, Pittsburgh]
Charles Deemer presented his work “Changing Key” as an exploration of interactive narratives. […]

A few years ago, I began to post about the renaissance in literary hypertext. Next week, I will participate in that renaissance in a presentation with Juan B. GutiĆ©rrez as part of Steve Ersinghaus’ workshop Creating out of the Machine: Hypertext, Hypermedia, and Web […]

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