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[updated 1/02/07] This post follows up on two previous posts on WRT ( 1, 2 ) and a follow-up. Link directly to Critical Code Studies in the ebr.
Critical Code Studies first began as an inspiration here on WRT. This December marks the formal launch with the publication of “Critical Code Studies” in the electronic book […]

From the 3rd Congress of the Cybersociety comes: The wikinovela

If wikis are a definitive collaborative technology, what happens when a group tries to write a multilingual novel using the form?

[What follows is a commentary on the project involving a bit of translating and paraphrasing of the conference essay “Wikinovela: a project of hypertextual, collaborative, and multilingual creation on the Internet” by Patricia Fernandez Carrelo and Santiago Perez Isasi.]

Produced by the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts of University of Deusto (Bilbao, Spain) under a Creative Commons license, Wikinovela began April 24, 2006 and eneded July 24, 2006. Over the course of the three-months, the collaborators produced a work that stretches across languages: Castilian, euskara (Basque), and English. That is not to say that the work has been translated, but that distinct parts of Wikinovela appear in each language.

Participants could modify the text of others, continue any of the on-going storylines, create new plots (or “hypertextual ramifications” of a plot), or add metanarrative commentaries.

InWorld Conference

Apologies for the late notice, but there has been an amazing week of events happening in Second Life. The New Media Consortium has been holding a 12 day Impact of Digital Media Symposium. The pic you see is an event I attended last night for the MacArthur Foundation press conference in to announce their $50 […]

THE 3rd OCS is looking for a few good ensayos and essays in Spanish AND in English (along with Portuguese and others).
A few weeks ago, I wrote about some work on digital narratives in Spanish. What I failed to mention is that these groups allow (and even encourage) English submissions. So, let me invite you […]

Or perhaps more broadly Electronic Literature en Español.
Two events have recently brought my attention to the community of Electronic Literature in Español, although both of these events draw on scholars from multiple languages. The two conferences are:

Literatures from Text to Hypertext (9/21/2006 - 9/23/2006)
III Congreso Online Observatorio para la Ciber Sociedad (11/20/2006 - 12/3/2006) […]

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