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Move 36

Recently I talked about the idea of biowriting and the interesting category of DNA bioart. Here is one example of digital DNA biowriting in practice.

One of the central issues of representation in DNA biowriting is transcoding the alphabet into DNA. In digital DNA biowriting, this means transcoding ASCII or Unicode into the nucleotides adenine, cytosine, […]

So far I’ve tried to talk about different types of frustration and different approaches to the study of frustration in interactive media. But the elephant in the room is participant expectation.
The experience of frustration is inextricable from the expectations of the participant.
Participants coming to the same work with different expectations may have very different experiences […]

Critical Code Studies 2

I’d like to expand on and develop an early post suggesting Critical Code Studies with a preliminary definition and some thoughts.
Critical Code Studies: An approach to Code Studies, which applies critical heuristics to the interpretation to computer code, program architecture, and documentation.
CCS holds that the textons (the lines of code) of a program are […]

Critical Code Studies

While writing some commentary on chatbot code, I realized that I was implementing some of the textual analysis techniques literary studies promotes, a kind of close reading engaging in exegesis and extrapolation. It occurs to me that this line of analysis parallels my reading of scientific documents, and I’ve been wondering if we shouldn’t […]

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