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I’ve seen blogs that are used to deliver blog fiction, and I’ve seen blogs that discuss art, but I haven’t seen blogs that display art. I think this would have to be the first exhibition of blog art, the first exhibition on a blog (?) and the first exhibition of blog art on a blog: […]

If you don’t already know about them, ARGs (alternate reality gaming) are huge. They are ‘games’ that traverse reality by delivering events through realistic websites, actors, faxes, phone calls and so on, over months. Some puppet-masters (people who create and orchestrate these games) are presenting at the ARGfest NYC: The Art of the Game […]

This time of year sees the migration of the Tasmanian Shy Albatrosses (TSAs). A bird that flies the huge distance from Australia to South Africa: 6,000 miles. The Albatross has to face the following hurdles:
Bass Straight (first expanse of water), Great Australian Bight (Great White Sharks), the Roaring Forties (hypothermia and storms) the vast expanse […]

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