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When a digital artwork, game, or story exists in many forms across many hardware and software systems, what is the ‘real’ work, and do we experience it differently?
Right now I’m thinking about that ur-interactive fiction, Adventure (a.k.a. ADVENT, Colossal Cave Adventure, etc.) - which through its complex history has been both massively cross-platform and massively […]

cent milles milliards de poèmes
uploaded by mjutabor
In Raymond Queneau’s combinatoric sonnet, “Cent milles milliards de poèmes,” 10 sonnets of 14 lines each are cut in strips. By selecting strips the reader can create 10^14 recombinations, which, as the title says, is 100,000,000,000,000 possible poems. But one can arrive at 10^14 poems by many […]

Flowchart art uses a multilinear diagram that convey stories or experiences. Examples such as EGBG’s ???Telemarketing Counterscript??? were discussed earlier on WRT in relation to interactive fiction mapping practices. Some other examples of flowchart art include works by Scott McCloud, Chris Ware, and Craig Robinson.
Scott McCloud’s ???Carl??? sequence from Understanding Comics is a multilinear story […]

Try It, uploaded by _william
Take a moment to watch this very brief animated poem, a gif file which reads “towards a new poeTry - Try It”… the full version is available on _william’s Flickr account.
What genre are linear animated digital text sequences? Are they essentially analogous to film? The text and layer effects in this […]

Alpha, uploaded by mark(s)elliott
mark(s)elliot’s photoset “Art” contains many photos of paintings… and also a small collection of simple pixelated graphics that have the distinct appearance of being born digital - perhaps in Illustrator or Photoshop, perhaps in Microsoft Paint.
The ‘aesthetic’ is quick and dirty - stark fonts, primary colors, and clip art, sans gradients, sans […]

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