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A Telstar Logistics Cell
uploaded by jurvetson
According to the owner, “this TLC is a territory-softening Syn-Ack ‘air cover’ node for the Telstar interventional-photography troupe and their urban assault vehicles”… which roughly translated means that the mass of wires and circuit-boards in the picture is actually a collection of stage props (kitchen mixer, periscope, VHS deck, equalizer) […]

This week, WRT’s Jeremy Douglass is in Copenhagen with all the kids at the international Digital Arts and Culture (DAC) 2005 conference. He will be presenting a paper on our collaborative outing which begins to layout the ideas behind Benchmark Fiction (benchfic).

IF Audiogaming

The recent post on ifbyphone discussed the technique of making interactive text available as interactive audio. How does this media-shifting affect the experience?

There is a long-standing connection between the IF community and blind/visually impared gaming or audiogaming. While not all IF is accessible, the vast majority can be used by a visually impared gamer […]

Hayles Talk

N. Katherine Hayles recently gave a talk about her new book, My Mother Was a Computer: Digital Subjects and Literary Texts, at HUMLab.
Mathematician Stephan Wolfram has recently proposed that many different kinds of complex systems, including human thought and action, can be modeled using cellular automata. These very simple computational systems have demonstrated that […]

qwerty, uploaded by stitch
The Writing Machines Pool isn’t a jacuzzi designed by Kate Hayles - it is collection of photos featuring typewriters, printing presses, and block type. The Pool is hosted by the online photo-sharing and photo-tagging community Flickr, whose “pools” are user-curated collections of photos with commonalities that often transcends their tag metadata […]

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