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Following up on the recent discussion of IF news, here is a grab-bag of digital text art news items. Our general practice at WRT is to add interesting articles to our bookmark feed as we find them (, but only blog on when we have substantial commentary. We may experiment with writing a monthly […]

Last November, Vauhini Vara’s Wall Street Journal article on contemporary interactive fiction, “Keeping a Genre Alive” (2005-11-15), inspired general comment in fan circles that IF had made the big pages. The article’s angle was that the IF community is a “back to basics” cult, and the piece inspired some shorter nostalgia-oriented spots such as Michael […]

The New York Times is launching additions to its Business Day section on Monday May 16th. The press release details how it will include new media:
On Mondays, Business Day will focus on media and marketing news, with technology included as it relates to those industries. David Carr will write a column on new media; the […]

Mondo 2000

On a used book table in the French Market, I picked up a copy of Mondo 2000’s User’s Guide, published back in 1992 when most of us still needed to learn what a link was, and I discovered a kind of rebellious innocence. This was like finding a promotional brochure to the house of the […]

Peter Plantec of V-People and Richard S. Wallace have books that accompany their botware. The books are how-to manuals and also expouse some bot aesthetics/poetics (particularly in the case of Plantec). Of course they are optimistic and even euphoric. With predictions of bots taking over the planet, a bot in every pot, […]

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