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We went to an old friend’s wedding out in western New York, Niagara Falls to be exact. We hadn’t seen the bride, Mary Maloney, in, geez, ten years? So I thought, I should add her as a Facebook friend. Our friendship pre-dated the social networking madness phase, but like some hidden ancient city in […]

Ah, the Internet. Gregory Zobel ran this wonderful interview about managing your RSS feeds with WRT-amigo David Parry (of Academic Hack) on the now-defunct “Adjunct Advice.” Unfortunately, that “long tail” can sometimes be severed, so to help it grow back, we are reposting that interview here. This marks the second […]

WRT has it on good authority (the authors’) that Chris Crawford, collaborating with Laura J. Mixon, is readying the full launch of an interactive story-authoring system almost 20 years in the making. Introducing “SWAT” (Storyworld Authoring Tool) and Storyteller (the software for playing a SWAT Storyworld). Crawford first took on this epic quest […]

A few years ago, we blogged about the movie-making tool built into Activision’s Sim-Tycoon video Game The Movies. It had proved an easy-to-use and powerful tool for creating the machinima “22 Short Films about Grammar.” Now it seems an even easier-to-use movie-making film is coming to a web browser near you.
Enter Xtranormal, an […]

Recently I’ve caught a bit of widget fever. Widgets are modules of web content usually wrapped in an iframe that can be added to any web page and are often enabled for use on popular content management systems and social networking sites, such as Blogger and Facebook.
Widgets are to multimedia content what RSS […]

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