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A few years ago, we blogged about the movie-making tool built into Activision’s Sim-Tycoon video Game The Movies. It had proved an easy-to-use and powerful tool for creating the machinima “22 Short Films about Grammar.” Now it seems an even easier-to-use movie-making film is coming to a web browser near you.
Enter Xtranormal, an […]

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[Update 10/11: The Machinima Festival sessions will be streaming online.]
This weekend De Montfort University will be hosting films and filmmakers from around the world at Machinima Festival Europe. According to various Machinima insiders, a number of the videos are returning for awards. Hugh […]

The world of chatbots still thrives today because of its user-creators. Whether made by kids who dream of making their computer talk even in print statements or adults who enjoy playing with programming toys, the chatbot is a means of evoking a conversation with your computer. Consequently, there may always be a market […]

Helvetica, the film

The long-awaited (yes, seriously) film on the font (its more than that) Helvetica is out. The documentary created by Gary Hustwit, has been years in the making. It looks at both the positive and negative arguments around the popular font.

Some info about the font:
Helvetica was developed by Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann in 1957 for […]

A recurrent theme on WRT has been remediated paper interfaces like virtual books and virtual catalogs. Another has been hypermedia comics such as interactive comics with animated panels or comics generators producing comics mashups.
Bound By Law is both a mashup comic and a paper remediation. The comic is on copyright as it applies to documentary […]

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