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On the Polyphonic Method
A couple of months ago Micheal Benton approached us at Writer Response Theory to participate in the Reconstructions issue on blogging. We’re Really Thrilled about the idea — who wouldn’t want to blog about blogging?! But when the time came to write, we three researchers kept weaving in and out of approaches. Should we have a single voice? That is always a good approach, but a collaborative document isn’t written with a single voice in the first draft. It begins as a mixture of voices that synergise and become one (either with poetic ease or a crow-bar). We haven’t reached that chorus point yet. Don’t know if we ever will. And, to be frank, we like the idea of pulling back the curtain and revealing what a collaborative-text-in-formation looks like. Indeed, it is emblematic of our collaborative blogging at WRT.

So, why do we blog…together?

Blogs in Space

Anousheh Ansari plans to write some very unusual blog entries. The Iranian born Texas telecommunications tycoon may be only the fourth person to pay millions for a flight…
…but she will be the first person to blog from space:
Ms Ansari says she will write the first blog from space. She says that her ultimate goal is […]

We’ve long followed Google’s evolving toolset, whether to ponder philosophical points about digital text or learn practical lessons for developing our own research tools… or just for fun.

Here is a quick roundup of some recent Google developments that might aid the research blogger, with helpful instructions and tips:

Google Books: Full-text downloads
Google News: History
Google Scholar: Library […]

The online hypermedia humor mag Bunk Magazine ( has published a new issue, iBunk, taking up an iTunes/iFilm/iNfinitum theme. To this end, the magazine has a spiffy new iLook and a host of iContent that suggests that its iEditor is done with his dissertation.
In this issue the content, you will find:

Celebrity Playlists (Sauron, Harry Potter, Thomas Jefferson, the […]

Writer Response Theory is happy to unveil our recent renovations: a new look and a new url.
While our generous hosts at UC Riverside will continue forwarding old links for a while (thank you!), we’d like to ask at this time that you please take a moment to update your bookmarks, feed subscriptions, and your blogrolls….

blog: […]

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