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ELO Call

As most of you will be aware, the Electronic Literature Collection — Call for Works has gone out. To qualify, the work needs to be:
Literary quality will be the chief criterion for selection of works. Other aspects considered will include innovative use of electronic techniques, quality and navigability of interface, and adequate representation of the […]


Like lightwriting and waterwriting, and I’d like to consider a new category of (digital) text art - biowriting.
I’m proposing “biowriting” as a term for symbolic inscription in bioart.
What is bioart? Bioart is art which uses living biological organisms as material components. This definition encompasses biomasses of all sizes, from individual bonsai to complex arrangements of […]

IRC Quote Database is home to the QDB (Quote Database) - a huge compendium of (generally humorous) quotes from IRC chat logs. Some are unintentionally funny moments, some are staged encounters, some are ancient jokes and punchlines that happened to be recited across a text interface.
For those not familiar with IRC (internet relay chat), it is the […]

Two Character-Art Cats

Like the differences between emoticons and kaomoji, there is a distinction between ASCII art and Shift_JIS art.
A promotional music video featuring a character-art cat recently aired in Japan to some controversy. The issue? The cat, “Noma Neko,” was derivative of piece of character-art, “Mona,” the mascot of 2channel,* the biggest internet discussion board […]

Previously I wrote about using the recently open-sourced Quake code to create navigable text art, a concept I dubbed TextQuake. But it turns out that there have already been many TextQuakes, and there may be many more….
Textmode Quake is an ASCII art rendition of the Quake 3D engine graphics, playable in real time. As […]

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