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Sascha Pohflepp’s Eavesdripping uses falling drops to write on water - turning a rain puddle into a pixelated lite-brite screen or, alternately, turning rain into a dot-matrix printer.
The concept of “controllable artificial rain” takes the impact of a drop of water on a puddle as its pixel, and builds up a technology to order and […]

Emoticons and Kaomoji

Do you know the difference between emoticons and kaomoji?

Smile  (emoticon)   :-)
  Bow  (kaomoji)  m(_ _)m

Emoticons are sequences of printable characters intended to represent faces. (In some software like instant messenger clients, they also include small graphic icons substituted for the same purpose, but here I’ll be talking strictly about digital text emoticons.)
Within digital character art, emoticons […]

Like image-primary art, we can categorize text-primary art by features: static or moving? passive or interactive?
Yet one of the most important aesthetic aspects of text art is not whether or not it is animated, but whether the font is fixed-distance or proportional. Works with similar font-systems may have more in common with each other […]


Following on the same theme of Amaztype is the creative software called TypeDrawing, released Jan 2005 by Hansol Huh. Huh has created a program that writes the words you enter on whatever angle you draw them. As you can see with my unimaginative rendition of WRT the initials are spelled out with the entire words. […]

Words Made of Books 2

Read Part 1

After reading Mark’s previous post on Amaztype, I played with it a bit more and had some additional observations on how Amaztype works, some of the effects of their design decisions, and how any of this relates to ASCII Art and Search Engine Art.

The Idea of Books
The individual books are clickable, but this […]

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