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LiveJournal Haiku Meme

not reliant upon
other players unless you choose
to be. i used
The LiveJournal Haiku Meme is a haiku generator with a twist - it is created out of recombinant text drawn from a particular blog. The technique for creating a haiku transforms the text using the following steps:
Blog: RSS: Markov Chain: Syllable Counter: Haiku
Once the LiveJournal […]

Meta Blog Art

Christy’s previous post on Linkoln and Olsen’s new Blog Art project (in particular, the question of whether or not it was the first blog exhibition of blog art) got me thinking about the function of ‘meta’ relationships in blog-art.
How do we describe examples of blog-art (art made with blogs), and what if anything is […]

I’ve seen blogs that are used to deliver blog fiction, and I’ve seen blogs that discuss art, but I haven’t seen blogs that display art. I think this would have to be the first exhibition of blog art, the first exhibition on a blog (?) and the first exhibition of blog art on a blog: […]

WRT Podcast via Talkr

WRT is available as a podcast thanks to

A podcast (ipod + broadcast) is an RSS feed of audio files, for the purpose of subscribing, downloading periodically to a player (such as an ipod), and listening to personalized radio while on the go - TiVo for your ears.
Talkr has loosely joined even more of the […]

Scott of Baboon Palace has an interesting article on Blog Fiction, largely comparing it to IF. Before getting into it, it should be noted that his tongue may be a bit in-cheek - it seems typical of his grumpy schtick that, while posting an article called “Blog Fiction” on a service called “Blogger” his first […]

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