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While reading the blog of the code-artist mez (Mary-anne Breeze, a.k.a. net_wurker), I encountered her Web Statistics Poem Generator v.1, a blog entry which specifies a process resulting in a poem.
_Input:_ 3/9/05 key word entries
1 + 3 + 5 + 7
4 + 8 + 10
11 + 13 + 15
16 + 17 + 20
21 + 22 […]

ELO Call

As most of you will be aware, the Electronic Literature Collection — Call for Works has gone out. To qualify, the work needs to be:
Literary quality will be the chief criterion for selection of works. Other aspects considered will include innovative use of electronic techniques, quality and navigability of interface, and adequate representation of the […]

Move 36

Recently I talked about the idea of biowriting and the interesting category of DNA bioart. Here is one example of digital DNA biowriting in practice.

One of the central issues of representation in DNA biowriting is transcoding the alphabet into DNA. In digital DNA biowriting, this means transcoding ASCII or Unicode into the nucleotides adenine, cytosine, […]

TextQuake as Breakdown

Yet another variation on the TextQuake concept.

untitled game by jodi (2002) is an artistic exxperiment with Quake 1 source code and text output. It has the following category entry from the Selectparks Archive:
12 quake 1 mods. untitled-game mutates the semiotics of navigational perception, abstracting original game ontology. controls for mobility, enemy identification, narrative cognition, reward […]

The recent public release of the source code to the Quake III game engine has me thinking about modding - specifically, a setup in which 3d game levels are used as environments for reading text written on the walls. This is the seed of the idea for a project called TextQuake.
But before this lazyweb […]

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