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[updated 6/1/09]

Introducing PeoplePaper:
Last spring, Holly Willis and the Institute for Multimedia Literacy hosted the 24/7 DIY Video Summit. (See the newly relaunched web-page here, complete with videos and much much more.) here’s a project that invited you to DIY using the participants of that summit! Don’t just cite media critics, make them say what […]

A few years ago, we blogged about the movie-making tool built into Activision’s Sim-Tycoon video Game The Movies. It had proved an easy-to-use and powerful tool for creating the machinima “22 Short Films about Grammar.” Now it seems an even easier-to-use movie-making film is coming to a web browser near you.
Enter Xtranormal, an […]

This past week at the University of California, Irvine, all the members of Grand Text Auto descended on the Beall Center for an exhibition of their work and a symposium. How does a blog become an exhibit? Quite easily, as the artist/critics of that widely read blog presented works from their variegated repertoire.
Included […]

Generating Web 2.0

[updated 4/29] Web 2.0 may be one of a kind, but its applications are starting to look rather similar. Sign up for [catchy web20 ap name] a service that lets you [add tags], [share those tags], and [store tags] on the web. Here’s [another catchy name with an R at the […]

On the Polyphonic Method
A couple of months ago Micheal Benton approached us at Writer Response Theory to participate in the Reconstructions issue on blogging. We’re Really Thrilled about the idea — who wouldn’t want to blog about blogging?! But when the time came to write, we three researchers kept weaving in and out of approaches. Should we have a single voice? That is always a good approach, but a collaborative document isn’t written with a single voice in the first draft. It begins as a mixture of voices that synergise and become one (either with poetic ease or a crow-bar). We haven’t reached that chorus point yet. Don’t know if we ever will. And, to be frank, we like the idea of pulling back the curtain and revealing what a collaborative-text-in-formation looks like. Indeed, it is emblematic of our collaborative blogging at WRT.

So, why do we blog…together?

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