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The Legal Machines Project is trying to create artificial intelligence agents to aid the legal profession. This recently garnered media attention when a law firm announced it would be using such an agent to provide legal resources online next year.
Digital text aficionados may be familiar with the past work of project member Selmer Bringsjord, director […]

ELO Call

As most of you will be aware, the Electronic Literature Collection — Call for Works has gone out. To qualify, the work needs to be:
Literary quality will be the chief criterion for selection of works. Other aspects considered will include innovative use of electronic techniques, quality and navigability of interface, and adequate representation of the […]

i.plot offers semantic web as storytelling software

And now for something a little less digital….

Following on the recommendation of Mary Flanagan, I recently finished reading “The Young Turtle Asymmetries,” a performance poem in five parts, composed by Jackson Mac Low and published 1970.
“The Young Turtle Asymmetries” is a layer-cake of multimedia dependence and constraint. The origin of the text is found poetry […]

LiveJournal Haiku Meme

not reliant upon
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The LiveJournal Haiku Meme is a haiku generator with a twist - it is created out of recombinant text drawn from a particular blog. The technique for creating a haiku transforms the text using the following steps:
Blog: RSS: Markov Chain: Syllable Counter: Haiku
Once the LiveJournal […]

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