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On the Polyphonic Method
A couple of months ago Micheal Benton approached us at Writer Response Theory to participate in the Reconstructions issue on blogging. We’re Really Thrilled about the idea — who wouldn’t want to blog about blogging?! But when the time came to write, we three researchers kept weaving in and out of approaches. Should we have a single voice? That is always a good approach, but a collaborative document isn’t written with a single voice in the first draft. It begins as a mixture of voices that synergise and become one (either with poetic ease or a crow-bar). We haven’t reached that chorus point yet. Don’t know if we ever will. And, to be frank, we like the idea of pulling back the curtain and revealing what a collaborative-text-in-formation looks like. Indeed, it is emblematic of our collaborative blogging at WRT.

So, why do we blog…together?

Or perhaps more broadly Electronic Literature en Español.
Two events have recently brought my attention to the community of Electronic Literature in Español, although both of these events draw on scholars from multiple languages. The two conferences are:

Literatures from Text to Hypertext (9/21/2006 - 9/23/2006)
III Congreso Online Observatorio para la Ciber Sociedad (11/20/2006 - 12/3/2006) […]

I love Google Earth, for what it could do, and I love maps, for what they do. Using technology and location representations as well as RL locations is big. Location, location, location. Whether it is virtual or real, you have to at least contextualise yourself according to some real or virtual grid. Here is a round-up of […]

Chinese mobile service providers are boosting SMS revenue by sending greetings and aphorisms to their customers in the hopes they will pay to forward them along.
A sample message (via Reuters):
A kettle of old wine is soft and fragrant, mellow and rich;
A verse of old song brims with feeling and longing;
A harvest moon is long in […]

IF Audiogaming

The recent post on ifbyphone discussed the technique of making interactive text available as interactive audio. How does this media-shifting affect the experience?

There is a long-standing connection between the IF community and blind/visually impared gaming or audiogaming. While not all IF is accessible, the vast majority can be used by a visually impared gamer […]

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