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ELO Call

As most of you will be aware, the Electronic Literature Collection — Call for Works has gone out. To qualify, the work needs to be:
Literary quality will be the chief criterion for selection of works. Other aspects considered will include innovative use of electronic techniques, quality and navigability of interface, and adequate representation of the […]

Chinese mobile service providers are boosting SMS revenue by sending greetings and aphorisms to their customers in the hopes they will pay to forward them along.
A sample message (via Reuters):
A kettle of old wine is soft and fragrant, mellow and rich;
A verse of old song brims with feeling and longing;
A harvest moon is long in […]

Towards Tag Poetry

In the world of tag metadata - folksonomies, fauxonomies, etc. - there are a few high-profile services and a million up-and-coming. Flickr photos, bookmarks, and Technorati blog posts all use tags to turbo-charge their useful output, increase community involvement, and simplify third party APIs. Many pieces of digital text art in the last two […]

One of the most literary projects I’ve seen with web-API generation is this one-off Flickr mosaic, “Tyger” on Flickr. Created by software artist Jim Bumgardner (“My best work on Flickr is produced by software, rather than cameras”), the work reprints the text of William Blake’s poem “The Tyger” using letters drawn from the Flickr: One […]

LiveJournal Haiku Meme

not reliant upon
other players unless you choose
to be. i used
The LiveJournal Haiku Meme is a haiku generator with a twist - it is created out of recombinant text drawn from a particular blog. The technique for creating a haiku transforms the text using the following steps:
Blog: RSS: Markov Chain: Syllable Counter: Haiku
Once the LiveJournal […]

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