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Towards Tag Poetry

In the world of tag metadata - folksonomies, fauxonomies, etc. - there are a few high-profile services and a million up-and-coming. Flickr photos, bookmarks, and Technorati blog posts all use tags to turbo-charge their useful output, increase community involvement, and simplify third party APIs. Many pieces of digital text art in the last two […]

One of the most literary projects I’ve seen with web-API generation is this one-off Flickr mosaic, “Tyger” on Flickr. Created by software artist Jim Bumgardner (“My best work on Flickr is produced by software, rather than cameras”), the work reprints the text of William Blake’s poem “The Tyger” using letters drawn from the Flickr: One […]

flickr Magazine Cover

Flickr Magazine Cover (not “Covr”) allows users to create their own magazine cover art by combining an image with a standard layout and fill-in-the-blank text. The simple composition of striped color filters is designed to work on top of most photos, while the MadLibs-style approach imitates elements of contemporary print magazine covers including headlines, […]

Spell with Flickr

Spell with Flickr takes a text string and renders it out of photos of individual letters. In order to do this, it draws on the specialized groups within the Flickr photo-sharing community who are creating tagged collection (or “pools”) of letters, numbers, and punctuation - all with an eye towards enabling just this kind of […]

Continuing a series of posts on Saturday sessions at the Transliteracies 2005 Conference:

Anne Pascual and Marcus Hauer presented on txtkit, a powerful piece of text search and visualization software that first parses the words, paragraphs, and sentences of a text into a database, then adds real-time filtering. It also displays reading history (both personal […]

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