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WRT over the past three years has always maintained a sense of blogging responsibility. We made some of this policy explicit in our post in the Reconstruction “Why I blog” article. One goal was not to blog just to announce our various achievements. In fact, when you do see this, it […]

After a month or so of busying ourselves in the offline world, WRT can now return to our virtual lives. Our blogging fingers refreshed and our computers rehabbed, we hereby resume our regularly scheduled blogging activities. We have got a long cue of issues all itching for their slot time in the RSS feed.
At […]

“ridcat” is a project that visualizes political speeches “from literary imagery to actual imagery,” producing a cloud of iconic photographs. The transformation is fascinating both in its products and through its process - a psychotherapy technique called Regression Imagery Analysis. WRT interviewed creator Neil Kandalgaonkar.
WRT: When did you develop ridcat, and when was it first […]

 For those lucky to be in the UK mid June there is an exhibition worth catching: e-motive: Visual Poetry in the Digital Age. The exhibition ‘is the first UK exhibition of computer-generated visual poetry’ with the following artists from around the globe: Jim Andrews, Giselle Beiguelman, Ladislao Pablo Gyori, Eduardo Kac, Robert Kendall, MarĂ­a MencĂ­a, […]

Hypertext literature?is ready for a new?tool and it’s name is Literatronica.

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