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What is a botmaster?
If you turned today to a simple Google search for “botmaster” you might find three answers:

A bot author or creator - someone who programs with AIML or on Pandorabots (results 1, 2)
An individual who is responsible for and/or maintains a bot - as per a computer jargon dictionary (result 3)
A computer criminal […]

(This is the second of a collection of profiles of New Media programs around the globe. If you would like to contribute a profile of a program, even your own, please send it to Mark Marino. Use the format below as a template.)

Bob Norris, administrator of the Bot Central forum, has renewed a monthly competition for producers of chatbots: The World Chatterbot Competition. This is the first monthly competition for conversational agents (that I’m aware of ), but surely not the first competition for chatbots or even other forms of elit.

We’ve mentioned other examples of books that are remediated online, like the Wanted microsite comic with rich media games I posted about, Jeremy’s post about the Puma catalogue, and the Lycette Bros. work. Here are a couple of non-fiction remediated books to add to the mix:

NXTbook Media’s 2006 Streaming Media Sourcebook
NXTbook Media “optimize” print for […]

(This begins another of the Great Debates on WRT.)
Previous debates: Frustration, Hamlet, Intelligent Design.
What is the place of digital character art (and computers in general) in the composition classroom?
Many of us who research new media and games also end up in in the composition classroom, teaching English 101. Our temptation is to go straight to […]

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