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(This begins another of the Great Debates on WRT.)
Previous debates: Frustration, Hamlet, Intelligent Design.
What is the place of digital character art (and computers in general) in the composition classroom?
Many of us who research new media and games also end up in in the composition classroom, teaching English 101. Our temptation is to go straight to […]

Are the not-ready-for-prime-time Trip and Grace ready for their spot in the classroom? This semester, I have exposed a group of students in Advanced Composition in the Writing Program at USC to Fa硤e. The course has been investigating disciplinary boundaries with respect to writing and the use of various cultural objects in the development and application of those disciplines.

After a brief presentation on Fa硤e with the encouragement to go off and explore it on their home computers, I asked them to respond to the following questions:

  1. How would your discipline approach Facade?
  2. What theories might your discipline apply to its study?
  3. What use might Fa硤e serve in the classroom for your discipline?
  4. Can you imagine another version of Fa硤e that might better suit your discipline

Bots, Demons & Dolls

‘Socrates had a bot.’ Well, what Andrew Leonard then goes on to say in his book Bots: The Origin of New Species, is that Socrates had a nonhuman companion: a daemon. Leonard’s book gives an alternate (from my perspective) view of the history of bots. His book, which I only just discovered a few months […]

Are Fantasy Sports a type of Interactive Storytelling? The answer may be stranger than you think.

The madness has already begun. Façade seems to have far outstripped what was foretold…But wait a second, is it a game at all? The narratologists and ludologists have been assuring me that the debate is over, or never happened, but it might be fruitful here.
There are several ways to use Façade. There […]

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