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The WRT wiki is up and running - although still not customized. Please create your own accounts and make the login sticky to your browser - this will really help us to track changes. Here are some of the first pages we need to create and work on:

The Elit Construction Manual -- a new developing online resource of techniques, pseudocode, and examples.

Interviews - our interview policy, interviewee wishlist, etc.

Guests - our guest policy, guest wishlist, etc.


Bot Reviews - we (and others) write reviews of bots

Bot Karaoke - submitted fiction performed by bots

Interactive Entertainment Software - a guide, pedagogically focused

Webcasts for Teaching & Research

Benchmark Fiction - many media-form transcriptions, one story

Benchmark DAC proposal -- This is the wiki for us to compose a DAC paper (due Aug 8) that would feature our various Benchmark fictions.

conferences and cfps -- these are conferences and calls we're thinking of answering.

MLA 2006

Topoi Lesson

Rhizome Commissions

Vectors Fellowship Program Proposal

New Media University Profiles

ELO/MITH Panel on International Electronic Literature


Drafts - our sandbox for collective WRT blog posts, etc.

Search Engine Bots

...a few materials need to be imported from the inkandessence wiki.

Wiki software successfully installed.

Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.

WRT Wiki
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