Christy Dena is a Ph.D. candidate in Australia. Her research and artistic interests are cross-media entertainment, print fiction, bot fiction and of course, text. She has a cross-media research blog.

Her key posts at WRT (well, the ones she is especially fond of) are:

Dena, C. (2006) ‘History of Fiction on the Internet’, Writer Response Theory, 1 June.

Dena, C. (2006) ‘WRT Interview with Chris Crawford’, Writer Response Theory, 24th April.

Dena, C. (2006) ‘Gnoetry: Interview with Eric Elhstain’, Writer Response Theory, 2nd April.

Dena, C. (2006) ‘Quantum Writing’, Writer Response Theory, 8th March.

Dena, C. (2006) ‘Designing Story DNA’, Writer Response Theory, 17th February.

Dena, C. (2005) ‘ Bots, Demons & Dolls ‘, Writer Response Theory, 2nd Oct. [article on the history of bots]

Dena, C. (2005) ‘Response to Keyword: A link by any other name’ , Writer Response Theory ,¬†18th July. [cited in Chris Chesher’s “Invocational Media” entry in Wikipedia ]

Dena, C. (2005) ‘ Bots just wanna chat ‘, Writer Response Theory , 28th May. [article on BBC’s Jamie Kane ; cited in “Jamie Kane” entry in Wikipedia ]

Dena, C. (2005) ‘ Game Botmasters ‘, Writer Response Theory , 9th April. [article on Media Republic’s Eccky ]

Dena, C. (2005) ‘ How a Bot-God is Made ‘, Writer Response Theory , 23rd Feb. [article on Ron Ingram’s Buddhabot ]

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