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At the ELO’s “Future of Electronic Literature” conference at the University of Maryland, we held a panel on international (non-English) works. To facilitate that discussion, the members of that panel developed a wiki, which is now available here at WRT.
Wiki of International Electronic Literature
The wiki features scholars, works, and organizations from around the globe […]

[updated 1/02/07] This post follows up on two previous posts on WRT ( 1, 2 ) and a follow-up. Link directly to Critical Code Studies in the ebr.
Critical Code Studies first began as an inspiration here on WRT. This December marks the formal launch with the publication of “Critical Code Studies” in the electronic book […]

Bob Norris, administrator of the Bot Central forum, has renewed a monthly competition for producers of chatbots: The World Chatterbot Competition. This is the first monthly competition for conversational agents (that I’m aware of ), but surely not the first competition for chatbots or even other forms of elit.

Many readers of this blog would be familiar with the poem generator: Gnoetry. It is, basically, a computer program with which a human collaborates to create new poems out of a pool of texts. It is a form of constrained writing and an experiment in human-computer collaboration. It has been described and labeled in many ways, such as […]

The flipside of Critical Code Studies (“more of us should read code!”) are initiatives like Microsoft Developer Network’s new Coding4Fun section (“more of us should write code!”) - although the gap between the rhetoric and the reality is hard to close. A picture of a child beaming at a laptop keyboard helps with the hard […]

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