WRT is reviewing chatbots, and we are soliciting submissions.

Do you have a bot with some unique characteristics or interesting approach that you think others would be interested in? Tell us about it.

(NOTE: You must review one chatbot for each one that you submit to the gallery. We want this to be a community of researchers.)

To participate in Chatbot Profiles:

  • Join WRT
  • Post a review of a bot in our gallery (or another existing bot)
  • Post a message about your bot
    (Log In then click Write : Write Post)
    • What kind is it: standalone, webhost, gamebot, storybot…?
    • How was it made: what system / software?
    • When was it created, when was it last revised?
    • Where is it hosted, how can we interact with it?
    • Questions: Is there something you want us to look at?
    • Transcript requests: we can keep track of our interactions for you.

Accepted submissions to Chatbot Profiles will be posted on our site with open comments and be listed in the WRT Chatbot Gallery. Announcements and reviews will be released under creative commons license. Submitters retain all rights to their chatbots. WRT does not provide chatbot hosting, only a review forum for remotely hosted chatbots.

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